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Reach Your Fullest Potential

Training Focused on You

Customized Plans

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Indianapolis? With our individual attention and tailored training programs that are designed considering your body mechanics, history, fitness level, and likes and dislikes, you are more likely to achieve your goals quickly.

We Generate Results

Our personal trainers at EFS Indy help you set your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals and monitor your performance against them. We look at what you’re already doing and then make adjustments based on the results you would like to see.

You Love To Do It

Our favorite part of working with new clients is watching them fall in love with their training sessions and see long-term results. We will make it fun and refreshing for you.


Lifestyle, fitness, and nutritional training delivered wherever and whenever you need

Experience, knowledge, and motivation blended together to help you achieve your goals

Accelerate your workout results with certified and experienced personal trainers

The Services We Offer

Elite Fitness Systems provides services with extreme benefits to our clients.


Personal Training

EFS Indy provides the most experienced personal trainers in Indiana offering the support and guidance you need to stay persistent and meet your individual goals. That said, we save you years of trying and cut right through the fog to get you where you want to be in life.

Nutritional Consulting

EFS Indy is extremely knowledgeable in providing guidelines and help when it comes to all things nutrition. We don’t belive in following fad diets that won’t give you the long-term results you’re striving towards. A healthy diet can have a huge impact on your overall well-being.


Lifestyle Coaching

In order for your hard work to pay off training and eating right. You need to align your mindset. Our personal trainers in Indiana are committed to changing your lifestyle not just certain aspects of it.

Pat Charette, EFS Indy

Personal Training Certifications

  • Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 & 2
  • National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)