In-Home Personal Training

Staying in shape at home can be brutal- EFS Indy’s 24×7 personal training has your back.

Welcome to EFS Indy, where modernity meets convenience. Discover the benefits of physical training without leaving the comfort of your home. With 24X7 virtual coaching and fitness training, we ensure you stay fit without the commute of visiting the gym every day. We are revolutionizing the fitness industry one obstacle at a time and we would like to invite you on this journey.


Why Choose Us?

Several factors set us apart from the crowd when it comes to in-home personal training. 


Thorough Background Checks

A common fear around in-home personal training is getting robbed. And honestly, we understand. Your home is your haven and letting someone in that you don’t know that well is discomforting, to say the least. That’s why, at EFS Indy, we conduct thorough background checks on our personal trainers to ensure that only the best pass through.


The pandemic is far from over which is why our trainers are fully compliant with all the safety norms of Covid-19. That’s not all. At EFS Indy, we go through regular check-ups and follow the proper guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients across Indiana. Get in shape with a brand you can trust today at EFS Indy.


24X7 Support

We have truly defined the term “24X7 health and fitness” with our mobile, in-home fitness training that gets you out of bed and into shape. Discover a plethora of exercises, diet plans, and fitness regimes brought directly to your living room through virtual training sessions.


Are You Onboard?

We are glad to hear that. Book a consultation and get started on your journey towards physical fitness. At EFS Indy, we believe that everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams and now, you can be a part of it. Reach out to us today to know more.