Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Personal training barely makes the cut without the proper nutrition – Get what’s right for you with EFS Indy.

Welcome to EFS Indy, a place where physical training meets wellness and nutrition. Discover a whole range of meal options to augment your physical training and see results faster and more effectively. A balanced diet can go a long way in spearheading your physical fitness towards personal mastery and excellence. After all, abs are made in the kitchen.


What Will a Nutritionist Do?

We get this question all the time and the best answer is that a nutrition coach will fill the gaps in your fitness regime with the kind of food you need to make the most out of it. 


A Flexible Approach

Nutritionists come in all shapes and sizes but the best ones are those who can model their recommendations taking your current diet, lifestyle, and fitness goals into consideration. At EFS Indy, our personal trainers are trained professionals who know what’s best for you and will adapt based on your needs. Make the most out of every meal with a little help from our side.


Cutting Edge Nutritional Science

At EFS Indy, we believe in staying ahead of the learning curve which is why our trainers are constantly updated regarding the latest and best in nutritional science so you get the worth of every dollar you invest in us.


Constant Evaluation

Forget the generic approach that most physical trainers out there will have you believe in. At EFS Indy, we believe in constant evaluation so we can figure out what’s working and what is not.

Convinced Yet?

We hope you are. A nutritionist can do wonders for your body and your lifestyle and at EFS Indy, we only work with the best to get you the best blend of personal training and nutrition. Reach out to us to know more.